Aladdin DAZZLES in Fair Park!

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

As a child, I would walk around the house clutching my worn out VHS tape of Aladdin, humming along to A Whole New World with pride and joy. As one of my favorite Disney stories, I was very excited to have the opportunity come to Agrabah, and witness the magic in person.

When productions like Aladdin are put together, it's always amazing to take a step back and appreciate the hours of work the incredible crew put into this show. With everything in the show being custom made, it's understandable to come out feeling amazing by the spectacular visuals. The costumes worn by the energetic ensemble is filled with bright colors and incredible detail. Fun fact; there are over 300 costume pieces used in this show, over a 100 quick changes that take place in less than a single minute. Then of course one of the most amazing things this crew was able to pull off, were the illusions. It's so cool how they can make things appear out of thin air, from Dallas Maverick hats ( Thank you Genie! ) to making Aladdin disappear and reappear. in the matter of seconds. It's a testament to the creative team's brilliance to making sure the Genie wasn't the only magical aspect of this beloved story.

Now although the tech of this show is amazing, (In fact, I'm still trying to figure out the magic carpet) the performance the actors gave us was nothing less than perfection. I truly believe that what makes or breaks a show is the ensemble, and their investment in making sure the story is never lost, as well as being the foundation of a shows success. This touring ensemble nails every aspect of their performance, from choreography, to vocals, and with their characterization. I cannot express enough how great of a job this cast did with the high energy production.

I have now seen the production of Aladdin quite a few times, and the one thing that i have always had a compliant about is the performance of Jasmine. I never could figure out if maybe i would just always see this show on a bad night or if the actresses that portrayed this iconic character just couldn't take the pressure. I am so relieved to say that i finally was able to sit back and enjoy Jasmine character thanks to Kaena Kekoa performance. I think it's really easy with a character like Jasmine to sit back and let the character name speak for itself. I was so proud to see Kaena not only live up to the icon that is Princess Jasmine, but to also make her more than a stubborn personality.

This run of Aladdin is special in many ways. However one of the coolest parts of the Dallas run, is knowing that both Clinton Greenspan (Aladdin) and Major Attaway ( Genie) are enjoying a homecoming performances. Both North Texas natives, spent time performing in theatres across the DFW area like Casa Manana, Plaza Theatre Company, and Jubilee Theatre. It's the perfect reminder for those of us who spend countless hours perfecting our craft, can in fact make it if they work for it. Now as for the performance these two give the audience, i can honestly stay that not only individually are they perfect for their perspective roles, but the undeniable chemistry they share on stage is unlike any seen before. Every line delivered, every movement, every note, and every moment are perfectly executed.

Berkan's Highlights

Major Attaway as Genie

Clinton Greenspan as Aladdin

Kaena Kekoa as Jasmine

The entire ensemble

Musical Number : "Arabian Nights"

Musical Number : "One Jump"

Musical Number : "A Million Miles"

Musical Number : "Friend Like Me"

Musical Number : "A Whole New World"

Musical Number : " High Adventure"

Performance Schedule

Sun., Jun. 9, 1:30pm Sun., Jun. 9, 7:30pm Tue., Jun. 11, 7:30pm Wed., Jun. 12, 7:30pm Thu., Jun. 13, 1:30pm Thu., Jun. 13, 7:30pm Fri., Jun. 14, 7:30pm Sat., Jun. 15, 1:30pm ASL Performance Sat., Jun. 15, 7:30pm Sun., Jun. 16, 1:30pm Sun., Jun. 16, 7:30pm Tue., Jun. 18, 7:30pm Wed., Jun. 19, 7:30pm Thu., Jun. 20, 7:30pm Fri., Jun. 21, 7:30pm Sat., Jun. 22, 1:30pm ASL Performance Sat., Jun. 22, 7:30pm Sun., Jun. 23, 1:30pm Sun., Jun. 23, 7:30pm

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