Is Anthony Davis even worth it? Hear me out.

I can already hear most NBA fans yelling at me in front of there desktops for the blasphemous title... but think about. As a huge Dallas Mavericks fan, I of course immediately running through different trade scenarios that would make sure “The Brow” had DALLAS on his chest. But then I started thinking about it, and i’m not entirely sure things would work out for us in the end.

Having Anthony Davis would obviously make the Mavericks an entirely different team. Having Anthony Davis along side future super star Luka Doncic is amazingly compelling. But would it be worth it? Let’s be realistic about the very unrealistic possibility of land Anthony Davis in a trade.

The Dallas Mavericks are absolutely in a win now state of mind, but let’s not forget the 6 game hole we‘re currently in, fighting each and every game to inch closer to the eigth and final playoff spot. If we somehow managed to get Davis today, I guarantee you the Mavs would find themselves in a 10 game hole, ( which is almost impossible to recover from in the WEST) because we all know really good teams do not typically start of perfect, ESPECIALLY after a trade. When Demarcus Cousins was first traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, everyone thought the Pelicans were going to instantly dominat. They were a similar position as the Mavs currently are, in regards to playoff standings. Remember what happened?


they didn’t make the playoffs.

Yes i know, the next season they were significantly better. But here’s the key word in that sentence. The NEXT season they were significantly better. I understand that patience is a virtue, the Dallas Mavericks for the most part understand patience is a virtue. I don’t know if Anthony Davis wants To understand that currently. I think it’s a very slim possibility that Anthony Davis wants to play in Dallas. Which means I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe that if he comes here, andwe don‘t make the playoffs this season... I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves on fairly quickly.

Of course I want Anthony Davis to be a Maverick. I just don’t know if it’s worth losing the assists we have like Dennis Smith Jr, Harrison Barnes, or any other player/picks that could come to play, just to potienically have this mega star want out as early as THIS offseason.

Thats all I have to say on the matter. Regardless of what happens with the Dallas Mavericks this trade season. Thank goodness we have Luka Doncic. Be sure to leave a comment on what trade scenarios YOU think the Dallas Mavericks should be involved in.

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