Lets talk about that new Aladdin trailer..

Disney fans all over the world were pleasantly surprised with a brand-new teaser trailer for the high anticipated remake of Aladdin. Even though this wasn't a full-length trailer, we were at least able to see pretty much every iconic character from the original film. Which means were able to get our first glimpse at Will Smith's Genie.

Image: Disney

Now personally, I'm very excited to see how Smith portrays this fun character. Obviously it's not going to be Robin Williams, but I still think if anyone can bring the energy that is the Genie, its Will Smith. Now when it comes to the Genies LOOK... I'm just a little bit conflicted. I don't hate it, but I also don't love it. Personally, I think the film should be heading in the same direction as Broadway has. Keep it simple, but don't lose the Genies magic.

Image: Deen van Meer/Disney

Aladdin wishes its way into theaters everywhere May 24, 2019

Check out the brand new trailer here


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