The BEST Way To Get Around Campus!

There is nothing worse than walking into class dripping with sweat. It's uncomfortable to take a seat in sweaty clothes for a long period of time, and let's be real.... your classmates most likely aren't fans of the smell. This is the unfortunate reality I seem to face every semester in my college career. The explanation is simple: my classes just always seem to be on opposite sides of the campus, and with just 10 minutes in between them, it's always a close call. Thankfully there is solution that is not only easy, but also highly enjoyable. The Hover -1 Journey Electric Scooter is a fast, safe, and awesome ride to get you all around campus.

This scooter is designed not only for college students, but anyone in need of easy transportation within a certain radius. The Hover -1 Journey Electric scooter has a 16 mile radius before needing a new charge. It can also handle hills very well, tackling anything up to 15 degrees effortlessly. For most students, it's easy to expect inconsistent terrain all throughout campus. This electric scooter has 8.5 inch tires that will get you through the roughest of sidewalks. For anyone using the scooter at night, the bright LED headlights will ensure that you will remain safe and visible. Once you're done utilizing the scooter, it's ability to neatly fold in half, and its 27 pound weight, makes its easy to carry and stow away.

The Hover -1 Journey Electric Scooter can be purchased on the Best Buy website using the link below!

When using this item, be sure to know and obey all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear. Protective gear can be found at

Safe travels!

Berkan Dincer

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