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The Comedic Juggernaut That Is The Book of Mormon!

“If you can’t laugh at yourself,life is going to seem a whole lot longer than you’d like”

- Natalle Portman

Image : Julieta Cervantes

Since 2011, The Book of Mormon has held the reputation a comedic juggernaut. With the creators of South Park leading the way, it’s no surprise this absurd and vulgar musical became such a hit. Elder Price who is a confident “leader”, with passion for his faith, is desperate to be incredible (and in Orlando... can’t blame him for that one). But when paired with Elder Cunningham, a unique follower, Elder Price feels the world implode around him. The incompatible pair is tasked with converting citizens of Uganda to the Mormon religion.

One thing is very clear about this production. Regardless of what you believe in, you will laugh. The Book of Mormon certainly carries a shock factor, which I absolutely believe is a core reason to why audience members love this show. It’s not something you would expect to enjoy. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have perfectly constructed a script that pushes boundaries without losing the integrity story. With a beautifully simplistic design, everything from the set to the spoken word blends perfectly.

Image : Julieta Cervantes

The highlight of my night was easily the performance of Conner Pierson, who plays Elder Cunningham. The energy he brings to this character is infectious. His comedic timing, gifted voice (with the occasional character driven cracks too), and wildly fun dance moves is comparable to the man who originated the role Josh Gad. A compliment I do not give lightly. With that being said, Pierson wasn’t the only star of this show. Having seen this show multiple times now, I can confidently say this national tour cast is the most vocally gifted/ character devoted cast I’ve seen perform this production.

I will always believe that every show deserves the chance to be loved. The amount of work that goes into even the simplest productions is truly daunting, and every show requires that work to be given its full devotion. It is exactly why I will always recommend my readers to experience these amazing productions. With that being said, I understand this show in particular is not for everyone. I still advise everyone to give this show a chance, as The Book of Mormon is hilarious and full of heart.

Image : Julieta Cervantes

Performance Schedule

Friday, Feb. 1st - 7:30pm

Sat., Feb. 2 1:30pm ASL Performance

Sat., Feb 2, 7:30pm

Sun., Feb 3, 1:30pm

Sun., Feb 3, 7:30pm


Tickets can be purchased online at

You may call 800-745-300 to purchase tickets

For groups of 10 or more, call 214-426-GROUP

Berkan’s show highlights

. Connor Pierson‘s performance as Elder Cunningham

. Kayla Pecchioni’s performance as Nabulungi

. Musical Number : “Baptize Me“

. Musical Number : “Making Things up again“ *explicit*

. Musical Number : “I am Africa“

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Kind Regards

Berkan Dincer


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