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Top 5 attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re planning a trip to the happiest place on earth, or you love everything Disney. Although the Magic Kingdom isn’t my favorite park in the Walt Disney World resort, i can’t hide the love I have for these five attractions!

5. The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Image: Walt Disney World

This may not be the most anticipated ride for anyone’s vacation, but I really do believe it provides a perfect family experience. Themed beautiful, this ride takes you on a journey through the hundred-acre wood, visiting all your favorite characters. For first time visitors, I don’t recommend fighting for a fast pass for this attraction, for your average wait time would be typically around 20-45 min on an average day.

4. Splash Mountain

Image: Walt Disney World

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah ,Zip-A-Dee-A , My oh my, what a wonderful day...

Of course, Splash Mountain made this list! This ride is always a must for not just first timers, but for return guests as well. For any first-time visitors, i would recommend a fast pass for this attraction, during the warmer months only. During those peak times, i would expect an average wait time of 45 min - 120 min. Now we know it's rare, but on days when Orlando is just a little bit colder than expected; I can guarantee you would be able to walk on this attraction, with the exception of peak days.

3. Big Thunder Mountain

Image: Walt Disney World

To me, this is the PERFECT ride for your child’s first roller coaster experience. With exciting thrills, this adventure brings the perfect mix for optimal family enjoyment. However, I will say this ride is brutal during high temperature days due an outside que. I would typically expect a 45 min- 120 min wait for this attraction and absolutely recommend a fast pass if available.

2. Space Mountain

Image: Walt Disney World

This is iconic thrill ride is always a must for families who love exciting roller coasters. This high-speed ride is an indoor adventure, taking you through outer space! This ride will pretty much always be around a 60 min wait at least UNLESS you


B. Rope drop the park.

C. get in line right after the ride has been closed due to technical difficulties

D. You’re a lucky human being.

Side Note: Space Mountain would have easily been number one IF it was transformed to HYPER Space Mountain.... but more on that a different time.

Alright... we’ve made it this far!!! Time to reveal my TOP atteraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Also look at this adorable picture of myself with Minnie Mouse. #Goodtimes


1. Haunted Mansion

Image: Walt Disney World

In my opinion, Haunted Mansion is THE must ride attraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It's perfectly themed, entertaining, mysterious, and filled with adventure. It’s the ride your children will talk about forever. It’s also one of the easiest rides to enjoy in the park. With average wait times of 30 min - 60 min, this ride is easy to plan for. I wouldn’t say a fast pass is necessary, however on high volume days it wouldn’t be very difficult to obtain.

That's our list everyone! I would LOVE to hear your opinion, so be sure to comment your top five Magic Kingdom

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